Over Three Decades of Experience

Over Three Decades of Experience

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Champion offers many solutions to the most difficult storage problems. When it comes to racking we can offer everything from basic selective pallet racking designs to more specific designs such as Drive-in and push back systems. Champion can offer heavier duty uprights to help with stability and security. Such as this upright pictured, that has larger, thicker base plates. Doubled up columns and thicker cross bracings.

Champion has a large selection of decking to fit specific needs. Pictured here is a deck with sheet metal welded front and back. This offers the wire design for water to fall through to satisfy any Fire codes in your area but also combat snags from baskets that can occur from loading and unloading. 

Champion can offer turnkey installations, and can accommodate a wide variety of situations such as building structures over or around machinery and even shutdown and holiday situations.

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High-end products for high-end solutions

Modular Buildings can be used for a wide variety of situations. They are great for break rooms, manufacturing and team lead offices. They can be designed with storage needs above and can be built start to finish quicker then most stick built applications. No longer have the need for the building? Simply dismantle, move or rework for another need.

Mezzanines are a fantastic way for your growing company to gain more storage and working space. They can be designed around machines and work cells, be used for parts inventory or catwalk designs to gain access to equipment easier and safer.

Lockers offer a wide variety of options for you and personnel. Whether your looking for tactical gear storage for police officers or military operations or something simpler for employees to store personal belongings.

There are many options you can choose as decking for your pallet racking. Custom designs for certain weight capacities, products and baskets can be used.

Wire mesh partitions (or caging) is a great way to quarantine prototypes or for quality control products. Our wire mesh products are capable of a large variety of build scenarios. We can provide everything from 20 foot or taller, to basic 8 foot tall. Ceilings, rolling doors, man doors shop doors and trucker caging to keep your facilities secure from unwanted entry.

Guard rail is a great way to protect your assets whether its expensive machinery or personnel.

Champion offers a wide variety of options.

There are many storage options to consider when dealing with pallet racking. From simple “Selective pallet racking” designs to “Drive-In” and “Push-Back” styles.

The biggest thing to remember is what your product is and what your weight capacities are. Many out in this industry will cut corners selling inferior products designed to carry less weight. Champion sales does not believe in cutting corners and only sells products of the highest quality.

Today, your work force, your personnel are your greatest assets and keeping in mind ergonomic work protocols are important. That is where workstation cranes, Jib Cranes and Gantry cranes come in. Champion can design and install cranes for even the tightest areas, around and over machinery. To better assist your personnel in handling your products and equipment in the safest manner.

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